Zongyuan GE (戈宗元)

Chief Scientist of Airdoc Research, Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of Engineering, Monash University


Airdoc is an emerging information technology company and medical care solution provider based in China that uses artificial intelligence. Its main business includes diagnosis assistance, medical image analysis and multimodal data analysis. The medical image analysis covers eyes, skin, brain, cardiovascular, lungs, liver, bone, breast and cervical. It has multiple close collaboration with Microsoft, Samsung, Yahoo and Sina as well as the healthcare providers and device manufacturers such as Nova Vision, iKang Group, Lilly China, Pingan Health and son on. In the "China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Report" released by the World Artificial Intelligence Congress in 2016, Airdoc was selected as one of the Top 100 Most Influential and Potential Artificial Intelligence Enterprises in China.

Brief Bio:

Mr. Zongyuan Ge is the Chief Scientist of Airdoc Research and leads a team of 12 research engineers globally. He is also a senior research fellow and lecturer employed by eResearch and Faculty of Engineering, Monash University. With a strong background in statistical analysis, machine learning and computer vision research, so far he has published more than 35 peer-reviewed publications and patents, led and contributed to six international projects in the areas of dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology and radiology with major industry companies and hospitals including IBM Watson Health and Alfred Health. In this talk, Zongyuan will introduce his research in dermatology, radiology and ophthalmology with IBM, NVIDIA and Airdoc research, covering case studies and stories from the latest academic research in MICCAI, ICCV, BMVC to industry applications.