Yong XIE (谢勇)

CEO of Guangdong China Science and Tech Innovation Capital Management Co, Ltd


Guangdong China Science and Tech-Innovation Capital Management Co, Ltd (CSCT) is the only holding subsidiary of the China Science and Tech-Innovation Capital Management Group. Based in Guangzhou China, the company covers the whole South China region (including Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Jiangxi Province and Hainan Province), providing guidance for social capital in a scientific manner with its specialized fund management mode, and accelerating financial innovation and investment projects for the PE. It is the first group of asset management institutions in China engaging in the PE investment management including PE investment and VC investment. So far, it has managed 44 private equity funds with a total scale of over 15 billion CNY (about 3.13 billion AUD). Mainly focusing on intelligent technology, TMT, health care, new energy and new materials, it has also made over 10 billion CNY (about 2 billion AUD) investments in more than 180 enterprises in science and technology and successfully promoted the IPO of 25 enterprises.


Brief Bio:

With more than-20-year experience in venture capital, enterprise listing and strategic management,Mr. Yong Xie is the current CEO of CSCT and the Executive Vice President of Guangdong Venture Capital Association. He has successfully discovered, contracted and organized investment in the listed companies including Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., and ADAYO Group.