Xudong ZHANG (张旭东)

Deputy Director of National Institute of Health Administration,
China National Commission of Health


National Institute of Health Administration (NIHA) is a national level consultancy agency directly affiliated to National Health Commission of People’s Republic of China. The main aims of NIHA are to carry out scientific research on hospital management, train hospital management personnel, collect data and information related to medical management, provide necessary scientific reference and consultancy for relevant government departments to formulate policies, regulations, standards and norms, and play a guiding and consulting role in the field of hospital management at national level. In the last two decades since its establishment, NIHA has led the completion of many national wide scientific researches in the fields of Hospital Information System and Information Standardization, Cost Calculation of Medical Equipment, Classification and Coding of Chemicals, Classification and Coding of Clinical Examinations, Medical Quality and Safety and so forth. NIHA has organised the national level China Hospital Information and Network Conference (CHINC) annually, focusing on hospital information development and digital health, attracting more than 10,000 participants each year. NIHA published 2019 China Medical AI Development Report (Blue Paper) to comprehensively record the development, achievement of research and application as well as progress of policy and regulation.


Brief Bio:

Mr. Xudong Zhang is the Deputy Director of NIHA, in charge of hospital information system and digital health. With the academic background of Preventive Medicine, he has been serving in different level of government organization, including Food Safety and Health Centre, Health Supervision Bureau, and China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment. Mr. Zhang is the Chief Editor and has led the work of publishing Annual Report on Medical Artificial Intelligence in China (2019) (Blue Paper).