Shifeng LI (李世锋)

Chairman of China Electronics Corporation Data (CEC Data)


As a subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation Group, one of the World’s Top 500 enterprises, China Electronics Corporation Data (CEC Data) is a national state-owned company specialized in data application services based on health data. It aims to provide regional health platform solutions of high security for the governments and offer related consultancy on planning and services. CEC Data has broad cooperation with Sequoia China, WuXi Apptec Co., Ltd, Dell, Tencent, Medlinker and so forth. In recent years it takes the lead in launching the national pilot project of health and medical data center and relevant industrial construction in Fuzhou, China. The project will focus on data system construction, data ecology construction and data-related policies and standardization development. CEC Data also collaborates with IBM to set up a health cloud technology company named CEC Health Cloud.

Brief Bio:

Mr. Shifeng Li is the Chairman of CEC Data, CEC Data Finance as well as the Management Partner of CEC Health Fund, in charge of the health data business and national projects. With the comprehensive academic background of engineering, laws and management, Mr. Li has been engaging in the aerospace sector, focusing on to-earth observation with remote sensing data application for years prior to his current position in CEC Data. He has deep understanding of the health information sector and unique strategic insights on China’s digital health and big data development.