Kelvin ROSS

Director IntelliHQ (Intelligent Health Queensland)


IntelliHealthQueensland (IntelliHQ) is a not for profit organisation committed to the establishment and support of an innovation hub designed to promote research, investment, and commercialisation of next generation technologies within AI and machine learning and concentrated on the health sector.


Brief Bio:

Dr Kelvin Ross has over 30 years of experience in software engineering and enterprise IT applications. Kelvin started his IT career in defence and completed PhD in safety critical systems engineering. He has worked in the commercial sector for the past 20 years, across many domains, including significant projects in healthcare. Kelvin is director of IntelliHQ and founder and non-exec Chairman of KJR, a specialist IT advisory firm with over 100 consultants in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Institute for Intelligent and Integrated Systems, Griffith University. He is a Director of AIkademi, an organiser for the Young Women Leaders in AI program, an organiser for the Gold Coast AI and Machine Learning meetup group, and has held several roles in national technical working groups (NATA and ACS), and held several board positions.