Guanming LI (李观明)

Deputy-president of Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital


Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital is a tertiary hospital, supervised and monitored by Guangdong Provincial Government. It is a comprehensive hospital integrating segments of medical treatment, emergency response, disease prevention, rehabilitation, teaching and scientific research, with 18,00 beds, over 300 full professors and associate professors and over 2,000 nurses in 55 departments and 53 specialties. It is the pioneer of digital health, medical informatics and internet plus medicine. It is the first Intelligent Hospital in China, which in 2018 set up its AI function in ten hospital service procedures, including online payment, health consultation, face recognition, logistic, warehousing, delivery, emergency command, image diagnosis, AI doctor and intelligent robot. It developed the AI doctor using data from 300 million medical records from tertiary hospitals nationwide and the AI doctor can offer diagnosis and treatment plan after history taking at an accuracy of over 90%. This is also applied in tele-medicine and helps to provide quality medical consultancy to remote areas.


Brief Bio:

Mr. Guanming Li is the Deputy President of Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital. With the background of preventive medicine, he has strong experiences in the work at the all levels of Centre of Disease Control and Health Commission. He is also the Vice-Captain of China International Emergency Medical Team (Guangdong), the Deputy Director of Emergency Medicine Department of Jinan University, a member of Guangdong Public Health Emergency Expert Committee, Vice President of Guangdong Preventive Medicine Association and Vice President of Guangdong Society of Biomedical Engineering. He was awarded as “Excellent Individual Against SARS” and “Excellent Individual in National Health Emergency Response”.