The Success of Australia China Health Summit in Melbourne


*Distinguished guests and some speakers, from left to right: Jason Fitts, Mingguang He, Jason Sun, Chinese Consul General Zhou Long, Frank McGuire MP, Virginia Birrell, Shitij Kapur, Xudong Zhang and Shifeng Li.

On September 17, 2019, the Australian China Health Summit 2019 co-hosted by the Australian China Business Council (ACBC) and the Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA), was successfully held at the Langham Hotel, Melbourne.

With the focus on medical big data and artificial intelligence (AI), the Summit received strong support and active participation. The Summit attracted more than 120 representatives from both China and Australia, including representatives from industry associations, companies engaged in medical investment, AI and technology innovation, university researchers, consulting firms and government officials. 18 distinguished experts and industry leaders shared their knowledge, practical experience and vision for the future at the Summit. They comprehensively analysed the overall current market development, opportunities and risks in the field of medical big data and AI.

The Summit was hosted by Mr Jason Sun, CEO of the ACHA, and Ms Virginia Birrell, CEO of the ACBC Victoria. Mr Frank McGuire MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research, Victorian Government, delivered an opening address, affirming the need and willingness for Victoria to collaborate with China on health and medical research. Mr McGuire is confident that the two countries will strengthen cooperation and continue to develop further partnerships in health. The Chinese Consul General in Melbourne, Mr. Zhou Long, stated in his keynote that China's development has entered a new stage and it welcomes all countries, including Australian companies and talents, to establish mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with China to jointly promote the development of the Chinese health industry. Subsequently, the summit broadcasted a special video message from the Hon. Mr Greg Hunt PM, Minister for Health, Australian Government. In His message, Mr Hunt enthusiastically introduced Australia's great investment and achievements in health care and wished the summit a huge success.

The morning speeches focused on current developments, future trends and research applications of medical big data and artificial intelligence. Professor Shitij Kapur, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Health) of the University of Melbourne; Mr Xudong Zhang, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Health Administration, National Health Commission; Ms Tania Mortensen, Principal Advisor of Digital Health,Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria State Government; Ms Bronwyn Le Grice, Managing Director of ANDHealth; and Prof He Mingguang from the University of Melbourne/Sun Yat-Sen University gave speeches. Later in the morning, the experts were joined Mr Stefan Harrer, Manager of Brain-Inspired Computing Research of IBM Research Australia, to participate in a panel to discuss on government’s role in balance opportunities and risks associated with AI, and the challenges of turning research into applications.

The afternoon speeches focused on topics such as the development of the medical data industry, examples of real-world applications, investment environment and recommendations. Professor Chris Bain from Monash University, Mr Shifeng Li Chairman of CEC Data, Dr Ge Zongyuan, Chief Scientist of Airdoc and Senior Research Fellow from Monash University, Mr Guanming Li, Vice President of Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital, Mr Kelvin Ross, Director of IntelliHQ, Mr Xie Yong, Chairman of Guangdong China Science and Tech-Innovation Capital Management Co, Ltd, gave speeches. The experts then held a panel discussion joined by Mr Michael Woods, CEO of Nextmed Capital, and Associate Professor Shyh Wei Teng from Federal University Australia, to further explore how to facilitate investment for commercialisation and apply AI to promote health care and the continuous health service improvement.

Participants said that the theme of this summit is novel, keeping pace with the development of the times, and directly addressed the development of the industry; the speakers have world-class expertise and rich with industry experiences; and their content is wonderful. The summit has not only brought to the audience most advanced research and applications in health AI but also the most valuable experience and advice for the development of this field. A lot of connections were made, partnership opportunities explored and collaboration deals further progressed between the summit participants. A resource-rich commercial social platform was created to facilitate further dialogue and collaboration.

*Afternoon panel discussion, from left to right: ShyhWei Teng, Michael Woods, Yong Xie, Shifeng Li and Guangming Li.


*At the Summit.

Mr Sun said that Australia has significant capabilities and experience health system development and medical research & innovation, and China has immediate needs to upgrade its health industry. The two countries are facing similar health challenges (for example aging populations, emergence of chronic diseases and increasing healthcare expenditures cost). Therefore, Australia and China are ideal partners in health. ACHA is willing to be a bridge in promoting mutual understanding, exchanges and more substantive cooperation between the two countries in the health sector. He said that given the success of this summit, both ACHA and ACBC are encouraged to run it as an annual event. The annual Australia China Health Summit will be an importance event in the calendars of both Australian and Chinese health industries. It will also provide a platform for mutual learning and exchange as well as a catalyst to realise trade and investment opportunities. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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Eureka Technology Innovation and Investment; National Institute of Hospital Administration, National Health Commission of China; HEX Cubes, Airdoc; Zhejiang Council for Health Services Promotion; Googol Park; Lorem Health;; China Science and Techinnovation Capital Management, Guangzhou Boji Medical Biotechnological Co, Ltd; Guangzhou JiuTai Drugs and Medical Devices Technology Co, Ltd; Australia China SME Association, Australia Pacific Media.


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